French Laces

Socraft, through its trademark SOTEXTILES, is the Exclusive Agent and Distributor within the Australian and New Zealand markets for the world renowned French lace manufacturer Sophie Hallette, which incorporates the equally popular label Riechers Marescot.

Sophie Hallette has been passionate about designing and making exceptional tulles and lace since 1887. Based in the north of France and working in the exclusive Leavers lace tradition, this house has an unmatched level of savoir-faire regarding haute couture, luxury ready-to-wear and beautiful lingerie.

The lace patterns, from timeless classics to unique original designs, are born from the combined talents of Sophie Hallette’s designers and of its craftspeople. With its strong creative culture, everyone is committed to anticipating and supporting the most inventive and detailed inspirations of the great names in fashion. Absorbing the spirit of the times, inventing and reinventing the finest lace, the most surprising embroideries, the most delicate hues … these are the challenges that are taken up by each succeeding generation.

As a family business, the house of Sophie Hallette is not only heir to a unique creative heritage, but also to a rare pool of human capital. With virtuoso skills passed down from father to son, the craftspeople specialised in the Leavers and Bobinet looms techniques of lace-making, are the foundation of Sophie Hallette’s ability to create and work with lace in all of its aspects. Now an integrated group with a mastery of every stage of production – including dyeing and cutting – the house of Sophie Hallette is a reactive company that is the reference in its field. Building on time-honoured traditions, the company is able to meet the most demanding requirements of creators and distributes its products internationally through offices in Tokyo, Milan, New York and Shanghai, and through its network of agents. Its spirit of craftsmanship, its creative force and its entrepreneurial daring have come together in a unique and nonconformist culture that has been fervently cultivated for more than 130 years.

Sotextiles, a trademark of Socraft Pty Ltd, carries a wide variety of French Laces from trims to all-overs, plain Chantilly to beaded.

Please note that our ranges are updated twice yearly to coincide with European trends. Please contact your Sales Representative to arrange a time to see our collections.