Custom Fabrics

If it’s a beautiful beaded or embroidered fabric you’re after, you can’t go past our extensive range of Sotextiles fabrics. Produced by the leading textiles mills around the world, our range is specifically designed and produced to your specifications. Our fastidious attention to detail, means a consistent fabric in quality and design every time you order. And what about that exclusive business edge?  An exclusive design for a beaded tulle, or particular beaded lace or embroidered fabric?  Whatever you’re looking for to set you apart from your competitors, talk to one of the Sotextiles team today to create that individual product.

Socraft has built its reputation on service and attention to detail, whilst remembering that it is the customers’ needs that come first.  Leading the industry by example, Sotextiles, a trademark of Socraft, has developed its product ranges to reflect what YOU, the customer, are sourcing.

More importantly than ever before, integrity and reliability are crucial in shaping the way you do business today – Socraft has again proven it is Australia’s leading supplier by having won the Australian Achiever Awards, its 5th Award to date!


Please don’t forget our branches in other states, and throughout the region. Socraft has branches and/or sales representatives in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland. This extensive network means we can deliver our products to meet your production requirements. We can also deliver our range of products worldwide. Our excellent connections with suppliers work with your production needs, no matter where the garment is being made.